School Leadership Structure and Links with Marlborough Primary

Our Leadership Structure and Links with Marlborough Primary School 

This is to confirm that following the successful arrangements to form positive links with Marlborough Primary School in Isleworth, Mr Murrell has now been appointed as the permanent Executive Headteacher of both schools i.e. Cavendish and Marlborough with effect from 1st September 2018.  Along with his responsibilities for ensuring high standards and in leading the establishment of a shared educational vision and values among all our our stakeholders e.g. governors, staff, pupils, parents/carers, the role of our Executive Headteacher will be focused on developing long term plans and strategies and even stronger partnerships with other schools.

This arrangement has also involved a restructure of the School's Leadership where by:

  • Mrs Coleman will assume the role of Head of School and therefore take responsibility for the smooth day to day running of our school.  Mrs Coleman will also continue in her role as co-ordinator for children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) and as our designated Safeguarding and Child Protection lead
  • Mrs Glucker will be our Assistant Head of School with responsibility for curriculum development and providing ongoing support for our teachers in order to ensure they provide high quality teaching and learning experiences for our pupils

Please be assured that these appointments have been made following rigorous consultation and selection processes involving careful consideration of the views and opinions of staff, governors, local authority and independent advisers and other professional associations including the main teaching unions. 

Most importantly, the decision to restructure the School's Leadership Team and establish a permanent link with Marlborough Primary School was taken in the strict regard to the interests of the children at Cavendish and only after detailed analysis and evaluation of the benefits and challenges involved, some of which have been detailed below.

The Benefits of our links with Marlborough Primary School 

Helping is to prepare for the future - This partnership approach enables us to respond positively to current government policy which strongly encourages schools to work closely together.  The arrangement will empower our school's leadership, including governors, to take control in leading such an agenda in order to ensure that we that we maintain our own unique and distinctive features, values and vision.

Sharing expertise in teaching -  Teachers with particular skills in specific subject areas will be able to support colleagues across the two schools in order to improve the quality of teaching and outcomes for pupils. 

Making a positive contribution towards our journey to become an 'outstanding' school - Our link with Marlborough primary School will provide evidence to show that we are receiving support and contributing towards the improvement of another school.  This is a key feature of an 'outstanding school.

Supporting the further development of strong leadership - Giving staff at all levels opportunities to take on more responsibility will help us to strengthen our leadership capacity.  This is another feature of an 'outstanding' school and is likely to help us to retain key members of staff and offset some of the difficulties arising from the current teacher recruitment crisis in the London area.

Providing opportunities for children to learn from each other - The development of positive relationships with children beyond our immediate community will help our pupils to develop a deeper sense of community and awareness of others.  

Delivering economies of scale - We can reduce the negative impact of cuts to school budgets through initiatives such as the sharing and/or bulk purchase of materials and resources needed in both schools.  Savings can also be made by sharing the roles and responsibilities administrative and operational personnel such as those involved in business and data management and the co-ordination of extended schools activities e.g. aftercare provision for working parents/carers, extra- curricular clubs and services for pre-school children and their families. 

Strengthening Governance - We will be able to draw on the experience and expertise of governors from both schools to improve knowledge and understanding of key aspects such as Finance, Human Resources, Premises Management and Marketing. This will also reduce our reliance on services and advice provided by the Local Authority, especially in a climate where government policy seeks to reduce their role and influence in order to increase autonomy of schools and make financial cuts.

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