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Design Technology (DT)


  • To ensure children access high quality DT experiences through a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum. At Cavendish we teach DT through the Primary Knowledge Curriculum.
  • Our curriculum provides children with a high-quality DT education that engages, inspires, and challenges pupils. It enables them to develop their technological knowledge and skills through researching, experimenting, inventing and creating their own products.

Cavendish children will:  

  • Research products, design and create their own products with a purpose and evaluate their and others’ creations.
  • Become proficient in textiles, construction and food preparation. This includes an awareness of food hygiene and health and safety.
  • Explore ideas, experiment, invent, think critically and record their design process.


At Cavendish, our DT curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all of our pupils, ensuring the curriculum objectives are met. We do this through:

  • Following a whole school curriculum– This covers a range of styles, themes, DT knowledge and skills, which shows progression of skills through the years. DT is taught in line with the National Curriculum programme of study for DT (2014), Primary Knowledge Curriculum and Development Matters (2021) within the Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World areas of learning.
  • Following the design process – Each unit of work follows the same four- part structure making up the design process: Research, Design, Make, Evaluate.
  • Half termly units– DT is taught during 3 half terms throughout the year in each year group. Each unit has a focus of either textiles, construction or food preparation.
  • A broad subject matter- Children will be taught about the work of a range of artists, craft makers, designers and architects, describing the differences and similarities between different practices and disciplines, and making links to their own work. This includes trips to destinations that have links to DT, and visitors to the school.
  • Cross Curricular Links– It is important that children have the opportunity to explore a full and balanced curriculum and that links can be made across different subject areas.
  • Showing progression- All children have workbooks which are used throughout the planned activities to record the design process. This shows that DT is a process and allows children to think critically and evaluate.
  • Celebrating work- At Cavendish, we celebrate and value the work that goes in to designing and making products with a purpose. Classroom displays reflect the children’s sense of pride in their work. 


The impact of our DT curriculum will allow all children to leave Cavendish with a broad range of technological skills that they will be able to use in later life. Through trips, visits, pupil voice and a creative and inspiring curriculum at Cavendish, our children will have become enthusiastic creators who see how DT has helped to shape the ever-evolving technological world they live in and how they can go forward with it in themselves in the future.