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Weekly tasks reinforce learning and regularly allow children to rehearse and practise skills and facts e.g. times tables and spellings. 

Home learning and details of timings should be accessed through the Class Hub.

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Home Learning Policy


Daily – 20 minutes (10 minutes sharing a story, 5 minutes phonics/spelling, 5 minutes mental maths). 

Weekly– 15 minutes (reading the allocated e-book)

Year 1 and 2

Daily – up to 20 minutes (10 minutes reading, 5 minutes spelling and 5 minutes mental maths).  

Weekly – up to 30 minutes English and maths.

Years 3 and 4 

Daily – 25 minutes (15 minutes reading, 5 minutes practising spellings/sentences and handwriting and 5 minutes mental maths)  

Weekly – up to 40 minutes of English and maths.

Years 5 and 6 

Each school night – 30 minutes (20 minutes reading, 5 minutes practising sentences and handwriting and 5 minutes mental maths).  

Weekly – up to 1 hour of English and maths.