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Meet me at the Gates: seeds for Spring!


Thank you, Cavendish School students, for coming back to Chiswick House’s Kitchen Garden for your March workshops.  We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did and we will be very excited to see how your seeds grow into little plants.  In total, you planted a MIGHTY 252 seeds! When you come back in May we hope you’ll have lots of little marigold, sunflower, chive and nasturtium seedlings to plant in your flower beds. 

We are starting to see lots of signs of spring in the gardens now.   On your spring scavenger hunts, you spotted nectarine blossom, counted the petals of a daffodil, learnt how hazelnuts grow on the tree, and the different parts of a tree. Next time you go out, see how many signs of spring you can spot!
This is the perfect time of year for sowing seeds so that they get lots of sunlight and spring showers to help them to grow. You did a great job planting some tiny seeds in little pots.  Reception planted nasturtium seeds.  Years 1, 3 and 4 planted marigolds. Years 2 and 5 planted sunflowers.   Year 6 planted chives.  When you come back in May you can check on their progress and see how big they’ve grown.
Some of you also made some beautiful bird feeders to help our garden birds.  You covered a pine cone with vegetable fat and rolled it in bird seed and it will make a delicious treat for the birds.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back again in May, when the gardens will be full of flowers.  Everything will be growing at full speed and you will be back to see your little seedlings and find new homes for them in the flower beds.

Please come back to join us again for the May workshops: Wednesday 17 May; Tuesday 23 May; Thursday 25 May. 

Thanks to Katy, Poppy and Hamida at HCGA; Miss Black and all the teachers at Cavendish School; our lovely volunteers, Concha, Deborah, Louise and Jan; and the gardening team at Chiswick House & Gardens Trust.