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This week:

Welcome to Year 2!

This week we had a fun cricket workshop.

Here we are batting, fielding and running to the wickets:


 *Class Assembly- Wednesday 27th March*


In Art, we completed our portraits by adding a photo of us with a favourite toy on top of our watercolour background.


In Maths we have been looking at the unit on statistics.

We have made tallies, tally charts, tables and pictograms.

 Y2 Summer Block 3 TS1 Make tally charts on Vimeo

Y2 Summer Block 3 TS3 Block diagrams on Vimeo

Y2 Summer Block 3 TS4 Draw pictograms 1 to 1 on Vimeo

At school we are using White Rose Maths. Here is a link to the website that may be useful: 



Game to play:


code: het-lin-dup


English - If All the World Were...

This week we began this beautiful book written by the poet Joseph Coelho. We looked at the front cover making a prediction before reading and analysing what we have read. Then, we gave the girl some advice for when she feels sad and upset.


 Curriculum Knowledge Organisers



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Letters sent home

School uniform


  • Bring a water bottle to school daily.
  • Snacks and pack lunch options must be healthy. No sweets, chocolates or crisps. 


 Wednesday- Fitness    (running)

Thursday- Team Games

Home Learning:

Home Learning will be given out on Friday and should be returned by the following Wednesday.

We mark home learning together as a class to consolidate and build up our editing and correcting skills. Children should be made to feel good about correcting work to make it even better- it is not about getting everything right first time. Editing to improve is a big part of learning and a skill that needs to be built up with support from adults.

Independent work should start to show children have written, edited and made corrections to improve.



Please ask children to number the words and write the correct sentence on the lines in their book.     *neat handwriting and letter sizes are important


Common Exception Words for year 2. These are the National Curriculum words for Year 2 please ask to children to read them circling any that need revisiting. We often use these words in class but for some children they will need to write some out weekly at home as they are not remembering the spellings.


 Telling the Time to the hour

Times Tables Rock Stars- login is stuck in Reading Record/ English Homework book cover.


 Here is a video for children:


 Numbots- same login



Please return library books on Monday.

We will then visit the library on Tuesday and send out new library books. We are encouraging children to write their own book title in the reading record during our library visit which they have really enjoyed!

The E-Collins reading books are updated weekly. I've shown children how to login in and they had a go in class to make sure they are confident using it. Before assigning extra books, I check the online records to see if the books have been read. I can see if they are opened and how long has been spent reading each book.

Please use the reading record to note down what has been read on E-Collins. If there are any tricky words, if children were able to re-tell the story, if they re-read speech remembering to use expression, if the story was similar to another one they have read or had a similar character etc.

*Re-reading to develop fluency and expression is a key focus in year 2.  

Some children will be moving away from E-Collins as they complete the programme and will then be choosing books independently after the initial adult guidance.





*Children will be tested on their spelling of phonics words 

*In year 2 children should be able to form lower case and capital letters correctly and write them the correct size in relation to other letters. 

Next week's learning:

Maths : Length and Height


English :  Poetry